Our Philosophy

At Pescatore & Sauter, LLC, our goal is simple: to help families. Over the years, I have successfully handled thousands of divorce cases, child custody matters, and family law related cases. I understand the profound importance of any legal issue concerning your family. When you work with my firm, we will always treat you with the respect and understanding that you deserve.  My mission is to provide the unyielding legal advocacy that you need, even in the face of complex or difficult circumstances. When possible, I will work together with opposing counsel to resolve your matter as amicably as possible. I believe that it is imperative for counsel to work together to get the best results for the family unit and in particular to work toward the best interests of the children. However, if opposing counsel is not willing to compromise, I am ready to be as aggressive as possible to protect you and your children's best interests. At this firm, we believe that a successful divorce starts with the right expectations. At the initial conference, I will review in detail the facts of your case and provide you with reasonable expectations as to how the matter can be resolved.  When you work with me, I will help you set the right goals from the beginning of your case. Then, together you and I will construct a unique case strategy to help you reach these goals. With my level of knowledge, experience, and professional skills, we can work together to give you the best possible chance of a favorable outcome.

Pescatore & Sauter, LLC